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Mentor Review

Weekly sessions for personalized feedback and collaborative learning

UX Community

Interact with your peers and mentors in live calls, in-person meetups, webinars & conferences

Career Support

Post-course guidance for finding your first UX role, including CV & portfolio review, and interview prep

Enhance your UX skills with our Mentorship and Courses

UX Fundamentals

6-week course
  • 11 self-paced learning modules
  • 0 Submodules
  • 53 Lessons
  • 50 quizzes
  • 7 UX practical assignments

  • Sample projects

  • 0 Case Study
  • 0 Portfolio

  • Requirements: None

  • Weekly commitment: 4 hours

  • Duration: 6 weeks

Product Design

20-week immersion program
  • 10 learning modules
  • 36 Submodules
  • 168 Lessons
  • 137 quizzes
  • 50 UX practical assignments

  • Real projects with real clients

  • 1 Case study
  • 1 Portfolio

  • Requirements: None

  • Weekly commitment: 7 hours

  • Duration: 20 weeks

UX Mentorship

15-week program
  • 5 cohort-based stages
  • 5 group calls
  • 2 Breakout room calls
  • 2 Presentations
  • 5 UX practical tasks

  • Real-life projects with mentors

  • 1 Case study
  • CV & Portfolio review

  • Requirements: Portfolio, Degree

  • Weekly commitment: 4 hours

  • Duration: 15 weeks

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UX Talent Pool

Find the perfect addition to your team with our recruitment services. We match companies with skilled UX professionals who meet your unique needs.

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UX Research Solutions

Gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences with our UX research solutions. Let us help you optimize your products and services for success.

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What our students say


Sami, UX Designer at Each&Other

"I loved it! Working alongside my mentor while going through each step of the UX process allowed me to upskill and grow my confidence! Having someone to bounce ideas off of really opens up another perspective as well and allowed me to think of things I never would have beforehand, and this kind of perspective is what UX is all about! Approaching the project with multiple viewpoints in mind (as my mentor taught me) really allowed me implement a more well-rounded project in the end and will certainly add to my case study and portfolio.."


Karen, UX Designer at Friday Agency

"The biggest gain from this was the improvement in my presentation skills, including an improvement in my confidence in presenting also my mentor taught me a lot about what to include in a presentation, and how to structure it. Prior to this, I was just relaying the research and work I did in my presentations, whereas now I have learned to use my slides to tell a story. I also learned a lot about user research methods and how to get the most out of them, more specifically I learned the importance of asking 'why?'"


Marie, UX Designer at AIB

"The program was excellent and offers new graduates the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills more directly applicable to the workplace from mentors in industry. I benefitted hugely through learning from my mentor about UI design for mobile screens. There was so much I wasn’t aware of in terms of best practice, accessibility and design system component choice.."

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