A better booking experience for repeat journey users of Irish Rail services

Irish Rail New

This case study was written by Ricky Nolan [mentored by Eoin Smith]


Irish Rail is Ireland’s rail network which falls under Transport for Ireland which is Ireland’s public transportation authority. It’s rail network spans the length of breadth of the country with thousands of passenger using the service daily for work, education and leisure.

The Problem

At the outset of this project I had to identify a product or service that I could improve through the use of User Experience research and design. I chose to focus on the digital booking flow of Irish Rail due to my own experience in the past using the service and well as the experience I have had others tell me about.

Through research I was able to confirm my initial thoughts and found some key areas of improvement that were needed;

  • Time: Booking repeated journeys was very time consuming for the user. 48% of users felt that booking tickets was a time consuming process.

  • Ticket collection: Collecting tickets at the terminal was a massive problem for users as 83% of respondents mentioned this as being a frustration.

  • App functionality: Though an Irish Rail app does exist the function is very limited and 37% of respondents mentioned this poor functionality in their comments.

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