Allowing easy access to the essential application features for Google Home users

Google Home

This case study was written by Ustina Maximova [mentored by Rob McLoughlin]


As part of my UX Tree Mentorship Program I am looking into the Google Home Application to identify and validate improvements for user experience. I have chosen this application because of the initial research and my observation of the current user feedback from Google PlayStore.

Project Brief

Google Home App is the application that allows to set up smart devices within the home space, provided with multiple features, and some personalisation. For this case study I will be paying attention to the smart speaker and currently available manual controls.

I am looking at incorporating essential features for the users who still feel uncomfortable to switch fully to voice commands, or in cases when the technology is letting users down. According to the app reviews on Google Playstore, the users often mention that too many features are hidden and they must spend plenty of time to figure them out, along with the voice controls not always recognising the commands. Therefore, it is important to have manual controls for the users until the technology has not perfected itself. Having manual controls means users won’t give up on the device if voice controls don’t work and users can stay within the Google ecosystem while using other smart devices.


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