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Become UX Tree Mentorship Programme ambassadors.Lead city communities, organise events (online & offline), create helpful content and much more.
How it works?

Our ambassadors are passionate enthusiasts who nurture the value UX Tree Mentorship Programme by:

Building Community

Promoting the value of UX Tree Mentorship Programme through workshops, courses and webinars, hosting various virtual events

Creating Content

Creating and sharing posts videos (live streams, tutorials, etc.) on social media or whatever you are passionate about.

Being Present

Attending our virtual once-a-month meet-ups for ambassadors only, where you can bring your insights and ideas to the table

What does it mean to be a UX Tree ambassador?

📜 Build up your CV

You'll get the Leader Recognition from the UX Tree Mentorship Programme

🕸 Network

Private Slack channel for Ambassadors across Europe where you can share best practices

👕 Swag bag

Fancy a cool t-shirt and notebook? You'll get that too 🙂

💁 Be informed

You'll be the first to know about our news, events and materials

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