Creating IndySync – Physical Music Management Distribution Platform


This case study was written by Ronán McIntyre [mentored by Riccardo Spina]


Independent record stores face significant challenges due to being understaffed and overworked. This strain becomes particularly evident in the area of consignment, where these businesses manage and accept releases from indie or small-scale consignment artists. The resulting overwhelm frequently results in wasted time and potential revenue loss.

My Role: UX Designer/UX Researcher

Project length: 4 months


IndySync is a proposed platform that streamlines the communication and management of physical music from independent artists with brick-and-mortar record stores. This project investigates the challenges between indie artists and record stores. A┬ásolution is developed focusing on uploading a user’s album as the main user flow.

The project scope centred on preparing independent artists for selling their records in record stores. This was chosen due to the four-month time constraint and to ensure that the main user flow was investigated thoroughly. Future expansion could involve developing a fully functional service, including additional research and user flows for the store side of the website.


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