Improving Bandcamp’s Discovery Process


This case study was written by Darragh Carthy [mentored by Sean Dunne]


Bandcamp is a music hosting platform where people can find and buy new music. Bandcamp is known for having a lot of niche and independent music. The selection of music available on the platform and the fairer pay that is offered to artists on the platform is appreciated by users.

My Role: UX Designer

Project length: 4 months


This project was completed as part of the UX Tree programme. UX Tree pairs a mentor with a mentee to give guidance throughout a project. I was lucky enough to have Seán Dunne as my mentor, a product researcher. Seán proved to be an amazing mentor and his experience as a product researcher really helped me throughout the whole project. Seán’s tips and guidance on what research to conduct, when to conduct it and how to analyse and present my findings were critical in this project and I have learned so much from his guidance.

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