Improving Filtering and Listing process on Depop app


This case study was written by Chloe Brady [mentored by Pooja Menon]


This project with the UX Tree Mentorship Programme involved identifying UX problems in an existing app or website and designing a viable solution for the chosen target audience. My focus for this project was on Depop.

My Role: UX Designer

Project length: 4 months


The goal of this project is to reinvigorate user engagement on Depop by implementing strategic changes to the listing process and search feature. By enhancing these core functionalities, I aim to provide users with a more seamless and enjoyable experience, ultimately encouraging them to return to the platform. Additionally, the project seeks to establish greater transparency regarding fees, boosting trust and openness between Depop and its users.

Through these improvements, our goal is to create a more user-centric environment that not only attracts but also retains a loyal user base on the Depop platform

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