Improving Ryanair’s inflight ordering app feature

Improving Ryanair's inflight ordering app feature"

This case study was written by Lorcan Looney [mentored by Elizabeth Burgess]


For my case study, I chose Ryanair’s inflight menu app feature because it presents a significant opportunity for UX improvement. This decision stems from a recent flight where I struggled with placing an inflight order through their app, recognising the difficulty of the inflight menu selection, which offers both challenges and opportunities to enhance user interaction.

My Role: UX Designer/UX Researcher

Project length: 4 months


My goal is to explore the intricacies of inflight menu services, analysing their current UX strategies to identify effective practices and areas needing careful attention. By studying the processes of other inflight services and conducting thorough research, I aim to gather valuable insights that will inform and elevate the user experience in my own designs.


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