Improving the experience for beginners of the YOGA app


This case study was written by Daniela Wong Maa [mentored by Ray O’Neill]


Yoga app for beginners was a project part of the UX Tree mentoring program. The task was to find a user need in an already existing product or service and create a solution that would be appropriate for the target persona.
The first time I came across with the YOGA app for beginners was because of back issues and I was looking for alternatives to exercise. The app has pre-made routines but at that moment they were not suitable.


Yoga app for beginners is an app intended to create simple and effective yoga workouts right in your pocket. It is meant to be easy to use, perfect for beginners since you can choose your workout based on whatever level you’re already on, you can preview the workouts, handcrafted them to get you started on your yoga journey.

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