Improving The Group Bill Experience For Revolut


This case study was written by Reuben Maher [mentored by Stewart McCarthy]


Classed as a challenger bank that is a can-do-everything approach to fintech. It is so synonymous in Irish culture for transferring money that they have their own verb:

“I’ll Revolut you”

  • 30m+ worldwide customers
  • 400m+ Million transactions per month
  • 1.8m+ Irish users
  • Translating to 1 in 5 people holding a Revolut bank


Explore the use of group bills & money sending, its main functionality, and ascertain whether the original hypothesis aligned with what the user needs.

Why Revolut?

Firsthand gripes with how the group bill functioned.

Competitors like Splitwise and Splid have made a name for themselves for their ease of splitting bills, but why aren’t group bills more popular within Revolut?

Revolut is praised as the mecca of user experience design but falls short in multiple places.

Project length: 4 months

The Problem

  • The lengthy process doesn’t facilitate users completing the journey based on their scenario.

  • Users were only able to split bills by percentages or even amounts.

  • Users want the ability to be able to split bills with friends who may not have Revolut or who want to pay in cash.

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