Improving the visibility of recurring outgoing payments for Permanent TSB customers


This case study was written by Karen O’Sullivan [mentored by Aisling Keady]


This case study is the outcome of a 4-month mentorship programme with UXTree, during which we were asked to identify and research a UX problem within an existing website or app, and design a solution to the problem. I chose to focus on the Permanent TSB Mobile Banking App for this project.


Permanent TSBĀ Group Holdings is a leading provider of Personal and Business banking in Ireland. As they are encouraging customers to rely more heavily on their online banking rather than in-person, Permanent TSB has been gradually adding more features to their mobile banking app.

However, at present, the Permanent TSB mobile banking app provides no visibility of upcoming recurring payments. As a result, users are having unexpected and unwanted payments taken from their accounts and are having to manage their recurring payments outside of the app. This is a problem that other banking apps are already attempting to solve and is therefore one that Permanent TSB should be providing a solution for.

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