Making property searching more engaging and intuitive on app

How can we make property searching more engaging and intuitive?

This case study was written by Aoife Buckley [mentored by Aisling Keady]

Overview is Ireland’s no.1 property searching app. Recently, I had the opportunity to present this case study to the Daft product team as they embark on a strategic shift to enhance the demand side of the platform. With limited contenders in the Irish market, Daft dominates the space, posing the question: Could a competitor come in and offer a better property searching experience?

My Role: UX Designer/UX Researcher

Project length: 4 months


During my college days, I used Daft to search for rental properties. I remembered Daft’s outdated interface and cumbersome search functionality. This sparked my interest in selecting it for my case study.

To begin, I needed to challenge my assumption that searching was indeed frustrating. I formulated 3 research questions and selected 4 methods tailored to each question’s requirements.


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