– UX Designer at Workday

“My intention is to foster a supportive environment for each designer to develop their skills!”

  • Mentoring at UX Tree since September 2022
  • Based in Dublin, Ireland
Aisling Keady


“My name is Aisling Keady and I’m a UX Designer in Workday. In my career to date, I’ve been very fortunate with the mentorship I’ve received from my piers. Having the opportunity to get feedback and guidance on my work and approach in a supportive environment has brought so much value to my work and my overall approach as a designer. As a mentor my intention is to foster a supportive environment for each designer to develop their skills.”

Top Skills

  • Problem solving
  • UX Research
  • Wireframing
  • Communication

Favourite Topics

  • Human Centred Design
  • UX Research
  • Fintech

Mentoring Skills

  • Listening & Communication
  • Supportive & Encouraging
  • Provide helpful & specific feedback

Working experience

Workday | Senior UX

June 2023 -Present

AIB | UX Lead

March 2020 -June 2023
My Portfolio
Portfolio - UX Tree
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Why UX

“I love the process of understanding our users, their needs and the problem space, which informs the design decisions we make to create meaningful and relevant products and experiences.”

What Mentees say


Karen O'Sullivan, UX Designer

Aisling went above and beyond as a mentor. She worked through every step of the process with me, from discovery to delivery, with an abundance of tips and advice along the way. The guidance and encouragement Aisling gave was invaluable in starting out in my UX career.

Olgu Saglik

Olgu Saglik, Product Designer

Aisling was available all the time I needed her. I could arrange regular meetings, and she was always flexible and supportive.

Aisling's certificates

These certificates represent the number of mentees Aisling has successfully guided to completion of the UX Tree Mentorship Programme. It’s worth noting that a mentor might have fewer certificates than the total number of mentees they’ve begun mentoring, as not all mentees complete the program.

Bronze Certificate - UX Tree
Silver Certificate - UX Tree