– Co Founder & UX Director at The Friday Agency

“Being a mentor is a networking and learning opportunity where I can also apply my experience to help guide others” 

  • Mentoring at UX Tree since February 2022
  • Based in Dublin, Ireland
Dave Jackson


“I’m Dave Jackson, the co-founder and UX Director at Friday Agency. For me, being a mentor is a networking and learning opportunity where I can also apply my experience to help guide others. I find working with mentees always gives me a fresh perspective, they tend not to get too bogged down by convention and best practice. For this reason they can sometimes present really fresh and exciting ideas.”

Top Skills

  • UX Research
  • Interaction Design
  • UX Design
  • Data analysis

Favourite Topics

  • Process
  • Skill development
  • Software tools
  • Technology

Mentoring Skills

  • Active listening
  • Constructive feedback
  • Portfolio review
  • Employer perspective

Working experience

The Friday Agency | Co Founder, UX & Digital Director

Digital Agency delivering powerful experiences across a blend of strategy, brand, design, content & technology.

Apr 2014 -present

Mad Dog Digital | Founder / Digital Director

Mad Dog Digital have joined forces with Digitalounge to form The Friday Agency.

May 2007 -May 2014

Smudge Design | Founder / Web and interactive designer

Web design, UX and UI, web development, online advertising, interactive rich-media advertising, Video production and project management.

Jun 2003 - Jun 2007
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What led you to the world of UX?

“After studying Visual Communications, I spent a couple of years designing interfaces in the industry before venturing into entrepreneurship and establishing my own agency. As my responsibilities grew, I became more immersed in project planning and delivery. Realising the significance of user-centric design, I embarked on a journey of self-development and further education in UX design.I’d advise anyone starting out in UX design to build a strong support network. Reach out to people, build relationships – you’ll learn a lot from others and it creates real opportunities that could take you anywhere.”

What Mentees say


Megan Sarah Lee, UX Designer

“I was mentored by Dave last year doing a re-design of Zoom, he was always happy to jump on a call and chat, encouraging me from start to finish. He shared tips with me on the importance of testing what is currently there to really understand the pain points at hand, and different techniques on how to validate design concepts!”

Dylan Hennessy

Dylan Hennessy, UX Designer

“Dave was great throughout the whole program. Was honest when I asked for feedback and kept me on the right track throughout each stage of the project.

Did not give the answer but instead gave me the information needed to go and find the answer for myself. Keep in touch and was always available, even with short notice.”

Dave's certificates

The certificates that Dave possesses reflect his achievements in the field of mentorship. He has successfully mentored individuals and groups, and has demonstrated his ability to impart knowledge and skills to others.

Bronze Certificate - UX Tree
Silver Certificate - UX Tree