– UX/UI Designer at Brown Thomas Arnotts

“I’m a product designer that works at every part of the product life cycle, from research through to execution. I love working with others and helping them grow their skillset. I’ve been a mentor with the UX Tree since February 2022 and I’m a big believer in their mission.” 

  • Mentoring at UX Tree since February 2022
  • Based in Dublin, Ireland
Rob McLoughlin


“My name is Rob McLoughlin, I’m a product researcher, creator and strategist from Dublin, Ireland. I help companies make great experiences. I have been working in UX since 2018, when I worked at Human. Over time, I became the in-house UX manager at Chupi, where I helped it grow to double its size over a few years. I currently work as the UX and UI Designer at Brown Thomas Arnotts.”

Top Skills

  • Researching and defining problems
  • Tailoring design practice to solve the problem
  • Knowledge of the whole process
  • Linking design efforts to business and user goals

Favourite Topics

  • Design process
  • Building institutional design culture
  • The business value of design
  • Lean growth process
  • Design books

I can help you with

  • Largely self-taught, so I can meet you where you are
  • Any stage of the design process
  • Implications of design on development or business
  • Good book recommendations

Working experience

Brown Thomas Arnotts | UX & UI Designer

I’m currently the UX and UI designer at Brown Thomas Arnotts. In this role, I help shape the future of digital product design at the company. I work on defining and solving problems for our users and business, making sure that our online experiences match the high standards set by our in-store ones.

Aug 2022 -present

Chupi / UX Manager

I was the UX Manager at Chupi. I owned our online UX and helped to define the digital strategy. I worked on big projects and small improvements to different parts of our experience.

Jun 2021 toAug 2022

Human | Product Designer

Human is an agency from Dublin. I started with Human, working on different parts of the product life cycle for a number of national and international clients.

Nov 2018 to Aug 2022
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Why UX

“I come from a psychology background, I’ve always been deeply interested in people and behaviour. In my undergraduate degree, I did some usability modules and grew to love product design. I went straight into digital product design from undergrad and I’ve been working away at different parts of it since.

A lot of my knowledge about product design I got from experienced designers who were good enough to give me a leg up. I think one of the most important things you can do as you gain expertise is to share it, which is why I mentor those starting out.”

What Mentees say

Ustina Maximova, Instructional Designer

“I am very lucky to have had Rob McLaughlin as a mentor through the Mentorship Program with UX Tree! He has been very supportive and responsive. I got tones of great tips, to list a few:

  • Usability testing and survey preparation – how to rephrase some questions to extract more value for design solution.
  • Great book recommendations which did help me to prepare for interviews: “Solving Product Design Exercises: Interview Questions & Answers”

All of the advice has been beyond helpful for me and as a result contributed towards finding my role as an Instructional and UX Designer.”

Taylor Brady O'Daly

Taylor Brady O'Daly, SEO & Digital Marketing Officer

“Rob was amazing! It was great to discuss new insights and new processes I wouldn’t have used before in UX and talk through any roadblocks and how to overcome them.”

Rob's certificates

The certificates that Rob possesses reflect his achievements in the field of mentorship. He has mentored individuals and groups, and has demonstrated his ability to impart knowledge and skills to others.

Bronze Certificate - UX Tree