– Product & Experience Design Manager at Pfizer | Data Design Lead

“Never stop learning new things!” 

  • Mentoring at UX Tree since September 2023
  • Based in Dublin, Ireland
Sara Lovic


“My name is Sara Lovic and I work as a Product & Experience Design Manager and Data Design Lead at Pfizer. I decided to be a mentor because I want to inspire the next generation of UX designers and to show them the limitless possibilities that a UX career can create for them.

My background is in visual communication, and I worked as a graphic designer in New York after graduating. We had some really cool clients like A24, Justin Timberlake, Adidas, NASA to name a few. Upon coming back home to Ireland I decided to pursue a career in UX as the tech industry was booming and provided a lot of cool opportunities. “

Top Skills

  • Data design
  • Product strategy & Research
  • UX & Interaction design
  • Digital Design Leadership

Favourite Topics

  • Med-Tech & Digital Health Policy
  • Design of Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Digital Product Strategy
  • Design for Healthcare Policy (non-digital)

Mentoring Skills

  • Employer Perspective
  • Portfolio Guidance & Review
  • Professional Development
  • Active Listening

Working experience

Pfizer | Product & Experience Design Manager

As a product & experience design manager I support my team in the digital transformation and innovation of the Pfizer manufacturing process, in order to make breakthroughs that change patients lives and deliver life saving medication across the globe.

July 2022 -Present

Fjord @ The Dock | Product Designer (Specialist)

During my time with Fjord I was given the opportunity to perfect my skill-set in UX and interaction design as well as research and gain new skills such as data visualisation, product strategy, med-tech, and design for complex adaptive systems.

Oct 2019 -July 2022
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What led you to the world of UX?

“I was always passionate about problem solving, particularly human centred problem solving mixed with a creative element led me into a design career. I soon discovered that UX was that perfect sweet spot of problem solving, creativity and technology.

What advice do you have for future mentees and UX designers?

“What I found helpful was attending tech and design conferences, just doing the work through fun side projects and the wonderful opportunity the folks in The Dock (the old Fjord design team) gave me.
My advice is to just do the thing! You don’t need fancy courses or a formal education, so many industry leaders are self taught (it’s still a very young industry). You just need to stay curious, keep learning and most importantly just do the thing!