Partnership with Design Skillnet & IDI

UX Tree & Design Skillnet, IDI

We’re incredibly excited to share some fantastic news with our UX Tree community. We’ve always been committed to providing opportunities for aspiring UX designers to expand their skills and grow in their careers. Today, we’re taking a significant step forward in this mission.

We’ve partnered with Design Skillnet and the IDI (Institute of Designers Ireland) to bring a remarkable offer for our acclaimed mentorship program. With this new partnership, we can provide a co-funding subsidy to make our mentorship programme more accessible to an even broader audience.

  • The subsidized price of €275 (down from the original €399) is designed to open doors for more designers and creatives looking to enhance their UX design skills. If you’re a member of IDI, you’re eligible for a co-funding of €124.
  • But we’ve thought about those who are not yet members of IDI as well – we have a bundle offer just for you. For only €305, you can become a Graduate member of IDI and also enrol in our mentorship program.

This partnership is a significant milestone for us at UX Tree. It enables us to continue our mission to foster better design through education and mentorship on a wider scale. We’re deeply grateful to Design Skillnet and IDI for collaborating with us on this exciting initiative.

UX design is a rapidly evolving field, and staying ahead requires continuous learning and growth. Through our mentorship program, you’ll have an opportunity to learn from experienced designers, work on real projects, and be part of an active, supportive community.

We encourage you to take advantage of this fantastic offer. Fill out the application form and we’ll be in touch with you.