Redesigning The Adverts App Search Journey

Redesigning The Adverts App Search Journey

This case study was written by Emily Stolberg [mentored by Dave Jackson]


During a three-month mentorship programme at the UX Tree, I undertook a self-directed case study, which involved identifying a UX issue within an existing product or service and developing a solution that would cater to the needs of a specific target audience.

My Role: UX Designer/UX Researcher

Project length: 4 months


Adverts is an Irish community-based marketplace where individuals can browse for, buy and sell new or used items online.

  • Launched in 2006 by, Ireland’s largest community website

  • Over one million registered users

  • Approx. 200,000 ads placed every month

  • 1.2 million visits monthly

About the feature

  • When searching and browsing items, the results are overwhelming due to a lack of signposting, large amounts of paid ad clutter and incomplete ads, and poor filtration options

  • Logistical information (i.e. collection, payment) is unclear upfront and completed in direct messages (DMs) hidden under the ‘my profile’ page, feeling hidden from users

  • Ambiguous signposting and outdated user interface (UI).


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