Redesigning the GoCar booking experience


This case study was written by Karl McClelland [mentored by Katarina Hrgovic and Valentina Antunovic]


This project involved identifying and examining a user experience problem with an existing product. For this assignment I focused on GoCar, a car-sharing app thatʼs very popular in Dublin and around the republic of Ireland.


GoCar is the first and leading Car-Sharing service in Ireland. GoCar members can book cars via the app for as little as an hour, then locate and unlock the car with their phone; the keys are in the car, with fuel, insurance and city parking all included. Rates start from €8 per hour, with 50 km of driving included on each trip. Users can sign up to GoCar and locate nearby vehicles based on their location, use the vehicle and then return to its original location (Go-base). Users can currently book a vehicle through four main methods: via time, via location, via vehicle or by tapping on a nearby Go-base and inputting the requested time.

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