Reimagining ChatGPT 3.5’s information discovery experience

Reimagining ChatGPT 3.5's information discovery experience

This case study was written by Niamh Fahey [mentored by Valentina Antunovic]


ChatGPT, a powerful language model, relies on users providing clear and concise prompts to access information. However, crafting these prompts can be challenging. This project tackles this issue by empowering users with greater control and assistance in crafting and refining their prompts, ultimately leading to faster information retrieval.

My Role: UX Designer/UX Researcher

Project length: 12 weeks


To ensure a practical and successful solution, the project was designed with several constraints in mind:

  • Testing was limited to current ChatGPT users
  • The solution needed to seamlessly integrate with ChatGPT’s existing look and feel
  • The design prioritized minimal changes to the existing interface
  • The solution had to be achievable with current technology

The research phase aimed to understand user behavior and needs related to:

  • How users formulate prompts for ChatGPT
  • User perspectives on AI and their preferred AI tools
  • How users converse with ChatGPT
  • Existing user preferences for searching information (ChatGPT vs. alternatives)


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