Our Program

UX Tree Mentorship

Next round kick-off

September 3, 2024

July 1 to August 20, 2024

Limited capacity

Our idea is to pair grads and early-stage designers with experienced professionals in the UX industry who share similar career journeys, to develop their professional skills and help bridge the gap between education and the workplace.

Round 7 of the UX Mentorship Programme will begin in September 2024 and conclude in December 2024.

1st July 2024

Applications opening date

20th August 2024

Applications closing date

25th August 2024

Selections announcing date

3rd September 2024

Starting date

Mentorship goals

The basis of a mentoring relationship is a conversation. However, if there’s no direction or end goal to frame these conversations, it’ll be a waste of time for both the Mentor and Mentee.
That’s why in UX Tree, we decided to spice things up by introducing the assignment for the Mentee. This assignment needs to be completed in four-months time, with ongoing support from Mentor.

Other examples of Mentee’s goals for a mentoring relationship could be:

  • Improving soft skills
  • Networking
  • Learning the workplace culture
  • Gain visibility for potential promotions
  • Improving problem-solving skills

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Examples of a Mentor’s goals for helping their Mentee may be:

  • Improving leadership skills
  • Growing a guide reputation
  • Sharpening communication skills
  • Gaining new perspectives

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Plan and project

The program will be entirely virtual, with meetings between you and your mentor taking place using web conferencing software such as Slack and Google Meet. Throughout the program, you will receive ongoing design feedback from your mentor and peer support from our community via our Slack workspace.

Upon completion of the program, you will submit a case study. After review and approval, you will receive a certificate to add to your LinkedIn and portfolio page.

Interested in helping someone with UX, or you need help?

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