Testimonials from Mentors

Eoin Smith
"The mentorship program was a wonderful opportunity for both myself and my mentee. While the specific task of the program was to create a UX case study, I was able to get to know my mentee of the past few months and work out their career goals and hopefully set them on the right path in UX. I also got to work on honing more of my leadership skills along the way. "
---- Eoin Smith, Senior UX Designer @ ESW

"I really enjoyed the program, it is a great feeling to be able to give people advice and encouragement to get to the next step of their career. I found it really difficult when I started in UX and ended up doing lots of courses just to get my foot in the door so this program is perfect for people who are starting in UX design. I was a little disappointed with the level of commitment my mentee had with the course, it was a shame because he has a lot of potential but was just busy with work. This may have been due to him already being employed and not being as motivated as others who were looking for work."
---- Colin Sharkey, UX Designer & Developer @ Hertz

"I really enjoyed giving feedback and advice to my mentee. I learned some interesting tips from her about XD and prototyping."
---- James O'Brien, Senior Product Designer @ TestReach

"The UX mentorship program will bring a mentor close to someone (re)starting their career now. I remembered the difficulties of getting the first UX job. It helped me empathise and, in a way, challenge/question/refresh my way of thinking."
---- Mike Markoglou, Product Designer @ Buymie

"The UX Tree Mentorship Program helped me a lot. It made me open my previous research, study again to be prepared for any questions my Mentee would have and observed how the other Mentees worked through the process. I was so impressed of the other Mentees's UX research, procedure and design!!"
---- Mary Ioannou, Freelance UX & Graphic designer

"UX Tree is the platform that pairs junior designers with seasoned professionals like myself who bring all of their experience to the table. If you’re looking for a UX design course that will build a strong foundation for the rest of your career, UX Tree might just be the right place!"
---- Katarina Hrgovic, Senior UX Designer @ Bord Gais

"I really loved being a part of the program. It felt great to meet designers in different industries and I loved working with my mentee. After having recently gone through the job search process myself, it gave me a huge amount of happiness trying to help someone who is in the same position that I was in. The whole experience was super well organised and planned, Valentina had really thought of everything! From the kick-off calls, to the milestones, to the communication channels! It was an amazing experience :) One suggestion I would have is potentially creating resources for the job search and applications. With my mentee we touched upon CVs and interview techniques and l think it can be super insightful information."
---- Harriet Atherton, Product Designer @ Radically Digital

Testimonials from Mentees

"The UX Tree Mentorship programme has been a great opportunity for me to develop my skills in UX while working alongside an experienced designer. Throughout the programme my mentor has been fantastic offering their enthusiastic support at every stage. The programme has been a great way to bridge the gap between education and the workplace. My confidence approaching job interviews grew while taking part and my mentor was always there with calming advice and reassurance. I would recommend this programme to anyone looking to continue their career in UX or who want to make the career switch to UX.''
---- Feargal Cassidy, UX Designer @ Xwerx

"The products I designed in college were all made from scratch so this programme was a great opportunity to redesign or improve an existing product. The work I produced will be a great addition to my portfolio and will increase the variety of my work. I learnt a lot about the UX process in relation to redesigning an existing UI and evaluating a design's success."
---- Karl McClelland, UX/UI Masters Student

"Taking part in the UX Tree mentorship program provided me with a great opportunity to undertake a design project under the guidance of an industry professional. The program provided me with an excellent opportunity to build my skillset, learn about the industry and create a detailed portfolio ready project. The guidance and expertise of my mentor was extremely beneficial and has helped me to develop a project that I am proud of. I am confident that the lessons I learned during the course of the program will benefit me greatly during my career as a UX designer.''
---- Dylan Reilly, UX/UI Masters Student

"As someone taking a leap in my career and entering the UX industry, I’m excited to be working with someone who has the knowledge and experience to share with me. Having a mentor to guide and help me develop within the UX space, I feel, will be paramount to my development. The best way to learn and grow is to have support from enthusiastic peers."
---- Bria Mulholland, UX/UI Masters Student

"Very good for applying information learned in college and applying practical skills"
---- Rachel Kerr, Changing career from being a QA Lead

"It gave me excellent practical skills that I can use in my career!"
---- Peter Delaney, Changing career from the film and television industry