UX Tree Mentorship


We are proud to share with you the feedback we have received from both mentors and mentees throughout all the rounds of our program. We believe their words will give you a better understanding of the benefits our program can offer.


Testimonials from Mentors

"It was my first time mentoring with a junior design for a specific project. It was a great learning experience for me as helped me to advice support to another Designer with directly working on a project with them. UX Tree gave me to the space and support to ask questions to my mentee and let them come up with their own solutions to problems. Through UX Tree, I had the opportunity to develop my mentoring skills by providing feedback to Junior Designers in a non-work environment. This allowed me to offer guidance and support to my mentees without being directly involved in their projects. Although challenging, it was highly rewarding as it enabled me to direct and challenge my mentees, empowering them to come up with their own solutions to problems encountered during the programme."
---- Ray O'Neill, Senior Product Designer @ Swrve

"The mentorship program was a wonderful opportunity. My mentee was enthusiastic, and eager to learn and up skill, which I really enjoyed. During the wider milestone sessions, I loved the breakout rooms with the other mentors and mentees. I found these breakout rooms a great opportunity for networking, learning from other mentors, and creating a space for in-depth UX discussions. It was slightly more of a time commitment that I was originally expecting, but overall it was a positive and valuable experience. The support and community provided to mentors is brilliant!"
---- Krystal Mahon, Senior UX Designer @ AIB

"I found the program valuable and still working on giving clear actionable feedback. It was great see how each mentee approached solving the problems they addressed and be part of their UX tree journey.\
---- Aisling Keady, UX Design Lead @ AIB

"I really enjoyed the mentoring program, it was great. It was slightly more of a time commitment than I had originally anticipated due to the lack of a-sync collaboration but that wasn't a big problem! Sometimes it was hard to be on long calls multiple evenings a week so I wasn't able to join them all. I loved the breakout rooms during some of the milestone sessions, I found them really effective and learnt a lot from other mentors in these sessions. How they gave feedback to the mentees, it was helpful to observe and have good conversations on the designs within this setting with the mentees. Thank you for all of your organization and hard work on this program!"
---- Amy O'Dea, Product Designer @ Twilio

"I found the Programme incredibly useful. It’s great to hear from a diverse mix of designers, the problems were really interesting, and it’s always good to get some distance from the day-to-day design work of a demanding UX role. I get a lot from mentoring. It helps me sharpen my coaching skills and also reminds me of the fundamentals. "
---- Samuel Payne, Head of Content Design, UX @ Google

"I really enjoyed it, wish I had a bit more time to give (its has been a busy few months) but I felt I got a lot out of it and met some great people that I hope I stay in touch with. I know I'll be able to give a lot more next year, now I know how it all works."
---- David Jackson, Co Founder & UX Director @ The Friday Agency

"I have definitely learned, tried not to let imposter syndrome get in the way (being young lead start to question myself sometimes or not feel confident in giving the advice) feel my mentoring skills improved rather than giving the solution, getting them to ask the questions."
---- Sarah Murray, Design Lead @ AIB

"It was definitely a benefit. I gained skills in mentorship and reviewing / providing feedback on creative work in a UX capacity. It was also a great networking opportunity and a positive experience overall."
---- Eric Lynch, Senior UX Designer @ Deloitte Digital

"Great kickoff - really enjoyed meeting with the other mentors and mentees. I thought the smaller group sessions were successful, I think we should aim to shuffle these so that people get the chance to share their project ideas, some mentees projects I didn't get to see until the end. I loved being able to connect with mentees and be able to reflect on my own practice - particularly, giving the talk was something I hadn't done in ages and really gave me a fire to begin thinking about the state of design."
---- Jamie Ryan,UX Designer @ SIM Local

  Eoin Smith
"The mentorship program was a wonderful opportunity for both myself and my mentee. While the specific task of the program was to create a UX case study, I was able to get to know my mentee of the past few months and work out their career goals and hopefully set them on the right path in UX. I also got to work on honing more of my leadership skills along the way. Great experience. Already seen the benefits with mentees getting roles off the back of the work outputs."
---- Eoin Smith, Product Design Manager @ Genesys

"I think it was quite beneficial in learning how to navigate certain challenges with being a mentor. Exposure to the situations has given me tools to move forward and forming a good foundation of what to do and what not to do next time."
---- Maverick Andaloc, Product Designer @ Formidable

"It was a great first-time experience mentoring. The support and community provided to mentors is fantastic and I've learned a lot about how other designers work across different companies."
---- Rob McLoughlin, UX Designer @ Brown Thomas

"I learned a lot about how to be a mentor and help/guide someone under you. It gives you a sense of responsibility and planning skills. It is definitely going to benefit me in my career as I grow and have junior designers under myself. This is like a crash course for mid level designers who are going to be senior designers. It is brilliant." "I have been with UX for 2 semesters now so its been a year and honestly, it has helped me tremendously in my personal growth as a designer as well as in my career. It gives you a fresh perspective every semester when you meet new mentees and how things in design field are changing outside you 9 to 5 "
---- Pranjal Singh, UX Designer @ Microsoft

"I really enjoyed the program, it is a great feeling to be able to give people advice and encouragement to get to the next step of their career. I found it really difficult when I started in UX and ended up doing lots of courses just to get my foot in the door so this program is perfect for people who are starting in UX design. I was a little disappointed with the level of commitment my mentee had with the course, it was a shame because he has a lot of potential but was just busy with work. This may have been due to him already being employed and not being as motivated as others who were looking for work."
---- Colin Sharkey, UX Designer & Developer @ Hertz

"I really enjoyed giving feedback and advice to my mentee. I learned some interesting tips from her about XD and prototyping."
---- James O'Brien, Senior Product Designer @ TestReach

"The UX mentorship program will bring a mentor close to someone (re)starting their career now. I remembered the difficulties of getting the first UX job. It helped me empathise and, in a way, challenge/question/refresh my way of thinking."
---- Mike Markoglou, Product Designer @ Buymie

"The UX Tree Mentorship Program helped me a lot. It made me open my previous research, study again to be prepared for any questions my Mentee would have and observed how the other Mentees worked through the process. I was so impressed of the other Mentees's UX research, procedure and design!!"
---- Mary Ioannou, Freelance UX & Graphic designer @ Ultimate Fintech

"UX Tree is the platform that pairs junior designers with seasoned professionals like myself who bring all of their experience to the table. If you’re looking for a UX design course that will build a strong foundation for the rest of your career, UX Tree might just be the right place!"
---- Katarina Hrgovic, Senior UX Designer @ Bord Gais

"I really loved being a part of the program. It felt great to meet designers in different industries and I loved working with my mentee. After having recently gone through the job search process myself, it gave me a huge amount of happiness trying to help someone who is in the same position that I was in. The whole experience was super well organised and planned, Valentina had really thought of everything! From the kick-off calls, to the milestones, to the communication channels! It was an amazing experience :) One suggestion I would have is potentially creating resources for the job search and applications. With my mentee we touched upon CVs and interview techniques and l think it can be super insightful information."
---- Harriet Atherton, Product Designer @ Radically Digital

Testimonials from Mentees

"I would recommend UX Tree to any UX designers looking to improve their skills and learn from senior professionals. I think you really get what you give with this programme. Everyone is very welcoming and it really gives a sense of community. Even though you work mainly with one mentor, everyone is very nice and will make the time to talk to you and provide insights and feedback. I feel much more confident as a designer and feel I have really developed my research and decision making skills over the past 4 months. Overall I really enjoyed the course and I feel I have developed my skills and network from the programme."
---- Eoghan Carr, UX Designer  

"The UX Tree Mentorship Programme was definitely more than I expected from a mentorship program. All along the program, I felt so challenged, supported and inspired. Everything is well structured, our roadmap was so clear. I had regular meetings with my mentor, she was available whenever I need. And what's more is that the sessions with my mentor was not all. We presented our progress to other mentees and mentors at the end of each stage of our project, so we could get feedback from other mentors as well. I have improved my research and presentation skills, and I connected a lot of outstanding designers. Now, I am a part of UX Tree community for life."
---- Olgu Saglik, Product Designer  

"UX Tree mentorship programme is a rewarding experience for anyone looking to improve their UX design skills. The mentors are experienced professionals who provided valuable insights and guidance throughout the programme. The programme was well-structured and provided ample opportunities for the mentees to work on real-life projects and gain practical experience. The continuous feedback and support from the mentors helped to enhance my research and presentation skills and build my portfolio. I loved it and I would highly recommend UX Tree mentorship programme to anyone looking to elevate their UX design career."
---- Nunzia Terminello, UX/UI Designer at Ret Apps  

"Overall very pleased with the course. It invites you to a huge network of other UX Designers to share ideas and possible jobs. Easy place to do a project you want to do and get feedback off it. Also encourages to learn and improve your UX skills."
---- Louis Manahan, Product Designer  

"It was a really great opportunity to work with some of the best in class in UX on a project completely of your choosing. The mentorship provided a safe space to explore research methods, concepts and ideas that could be tested over the course of 3 months all with the extremely helpful guidance of your mentor. The 1:1 sessions with the mentor were the most useful aspect of the programme with the group presentations offering slightly less value. The programme would benefit from a little more collaboration and more opportunities for mentees to share ideas outside of presentations. Perhaps it is appropriate now to have onsite days where mentors and mentees can brainstorm in the same physical space."
---- Stephen Browne, Senior Designer at DeviceAtlas  

"The programa built up my confidence in UX, I have now new skills in interviewing and testing. I also learned tools that I am using in a profesional projects. "
---- Daniela Wong Maa, Product Designer  

"I have a portfolio piece that I am proud of and will use for future employment. I also learned loads about researching, presenting and UX methodology too. It's definitely worth doing if you're interested in UX. And Valentina is super organised and helpful too!"
---- Rachael Ryan, Project Manager at CPAC Modular  

"The UX tree program has been a great opportunity for me to learn from others and expand my network. I couldn't have gotten the kind of insight I did from a college course. I am very grateful to all the mentors for providing their feedback and giving us direction."
---- Shaun MacGabhann, UI/UX Developer at Laya Healthcare  

"It was great. I learned just as much from seeing others presentations. It helped me see what I am lacking in my work and what I need to improve or change."
---- Matt Chávez-Delgado, UX Designer  

"I loved it! Working alongside my mentor while going through each step of the UX process allowed me to upskill and grow my confidence! Having someone to bounce ideas off of really opens up another perspective as well and allowed me to think of things I never would have beforehand, and this kind of perspective is what UX is all about! Approaching the project with multiple viewpoints in mind (as my mentor taught me) really allowed me implement a more well-rounded project in the end and will certainly add to my case study and portfolio (things like showcasing possible limitations within the project, showcasing the business case, next steps, etc)."
---- Sami DeLuca, UX Designer at Each&Other  

"The biggest gain from this was the improvement in my presentation skills, including an improvement in my confidence in presenting also my mentor taught me a lot about what to include in a presentation, and how to structure it. Prior to this, I was just relaying the research and work I did in my presentations, whereas now I have learned to use my slides to tell a story. I also learned a lot about user research methods and how to get the most out of them, more specifically I learned the importance of asking 'why?'"
---- Karen O'Sullivan, UX Designer  

"The program was excellent and offers new graduates the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills more directly applicable to the workplace from mentors in industry. I benefitted hugely through learning from my mentor about UI design for mobile screens. There was so much I wasn’t aware of in terms of best practice, accessibility and design system component choice. Attending regular meetings with my mentor allowed me to get use to sharing my work and giving project status updates and my mentors feedback allowed to view problems from different perspectives. I learned a lot from being involved in the group aspect of UX Tree, from hearing other mentors and mentees feedback and thinking styles around projects. Presenting is a skill I want to greatly improve and had ample opportunity to practice throughout the course. "
---- Marie Doyle, UX Designer at AIB  

"It was an excellent opportunity to learn more about UX Design, especially UX Research. I've enjoyed the programme, and all the learnings and improvements I gained during the past four months will help me build a solid portfolio and start looking for my first opportunity as a UX designer."
---- Aline Torres, Customer Success Specialist at Drop Chef  

"I learned some UX research methods, that I had never applied before on my work, so I was able to expand my approach during my UX design workflow and it also helped me to stood my ground during work meeting and presentations."
---- Rafael Basso, UX Designer at Upland Altify  

"I absolutely loved this program. I learned so much from mentors and mentees. I got more comfortable using UX terms and more confidence in my work. New to UX design so I was nervous about the program but it was insightful. Everyone was welcoming and encouraging."
---- Sharon Mc Donagh, UX Designer at Housebuild  

"I can't recommend the program enough! Having done my UX diploma and subsequent case studies on my own, it was invaluable having a mentor to point me in the right direction through the process. Great to meet so many other UX designers and mentors too!"
---- Laura Gilsenan , UX Designer  

"As someone who had little UX experience besides some projects in college, this program gave me some insight about what it's like to be a UX designer. I learned vital information from mentors and mentees, such as how to create an appealing portfolio and CV for employers. Various talks and presentations we're given throughout the program that made me reflect on job goals and prospects for the future. By the end of the program I felt more confident in my skills and abilities to find a job in the related field. I hope that future mentees are able to find aspects of this program that allowed them to grow just as much as I did."
---- Hannah O Donoghue, UX Designer @ Carzone  

"Highly recommend this programme for graduates. It is a big plus that we can include this as part of working experience for the CV and LinkedIn profile, which does work to get attention for interviews. Also, this program is great to practice skills for presenting work."
---- Ustina Maximova, Instructional Designer @ Teamwork  

"I'm so impressed with the programme, the management and mentors were excellent, I feel I have developed a great network and my confidence in UX has increased."
---- Katie O'Connor, Product Designer @ Bizimply  

"It was great it helped me land a job in UX, I some really nice people who are really passionate about design, I improved my design skills and would highly recommend!"
---- Jack Dixon, Product Designer @ Genesys  

"The UXTree mentorship program has been a huge factor in my journey to becoming a UX Designer. It gave me the chance to refine my skills under the guidance of my mentor, while also pushing me to grow with the feedback of the other experienced designers. In the 4 months I've been apart of UX Tree, my ability and confidence in the UX field has grown significantly, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity. I would recommend the Mentorship programme to any aspiring designer looking to get a start in the field. You won't regret it!"
---- Dean Meaney, UX Designer @ The Adapt Centre  

"I thought it was great for developing my UX skills further, and for creating a quality case study to add to my portfolio. The case study I completed during this project is far better than my others that were completed in UX bootcamps etc. Valentina was extremely helpful and was always available to help with the project and also with job-search related questions. Before the program I had not received and interviews in the last few weeks of the program I received 2 interviews for UX and Product Designer roles."
---- Alan Murtagh, UX Designer @ AIB  

"I found the most beneficial aspect of the programme was the pooled knowledge of all the mentors. UX Tree has brought together a diverse group of UX professionals who are incredibly generous with their time and advice. Thanks to everyone for being so forthcoming with practical project and career advice. Special thanks to Valentina though for creating such a welcoming community."
---- Stephen Reid, Senior Graphic Designer @ Mac Group, moving to UX  

"Starting a new career can make you feel unworthy of getting a role but doing the program showed you you don’t have to have all the answers and that everyone at every level is still learning. It has definitely helped with imposter syndrome! Also everyone was so helpfully, kind and fun!"
---- Megan Sarah Lee, UX Designer @ Click&GoHolidays  

"The UXTree mentorship program has given me great confidence in myself. Having worked in advertising for years. I wanted to transition into UX design. I chose to work on a project close to my heart and it ended up winning the best project. My mentor Val pushed me all the way along with help from some of the other mentors. I can't recommend this mentorship programme enough for any designer looking to break into UX design. Val is one of a kind and will bring you to the next level in your career."
---- Bryan Minton, Senior Art Director at Verve, moving to UX  

"The UX Tree Mentorship programme has been a great opportunity for me to develop my skills in UX while working alongside an experienced designer. Throughout the programme my mentor has been fantastic offering their enthusiastic support at every stage. The programme has been a great way to bridge the gap between education and the workplace. My confidence approaching job interviews grew while taking part and my mentor was always there with calming advice and reassurance. I would recommend this programme to anyone looking to continue their career in UX or who want to make the career switch to UX.''
---- Feargal Cassidy, UX Designer @ Xwerx  

"The products I designed in college were all made from scratch so this programme was a great opportunity to redesign or improve an existing product. The work I produced will be a great addition to my portfolio and will increase the variety of my work. I learnt a lot about the UX process in relation to redesigning an existing UI and evaluating a design's success."
---- Karl McClelland, UX Designer @ Autodesk  

"Taking part in the UX Tree mentorship program provided me with a great opportunity to undertake a design project under the guidance of an industry professional. The program provided me with an excellent opportunity to build my skillset, learn about the industry and create a detailed portfolio ready project. The guidance and expertise of my mentor was extremely beneficial and has helped me to develop a project that I am proud of. I am confident that the lessons I learned during the course of the program will benefit me greatly during my career as a UX designer.''
---- Dylan Reilly, UX Designer at AIB  

"As someone taking a leap in my career and entering the UX industry, I’m excited to be working with someone who has the knowledge and experience to share with me. Having a mentor to guide and help me develop within the UX space, I feel, will be paramount to my development. The best way to learn and grow is to have support from enthusiastic peers."
---- Bria Mulholland, UX Designer @ Version 1  

"Very good for applying information learned in college and applying practical skills"
---- Rachel Kerr, UX Designer @ Further Learning Group  

"It gave me excellent practical skills that I can use in my career!"
---- Peter Delaney, Changing career from the film and television industry